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Garden Maintenance

Just Property Services offers a complete gardening service to ensure that the outside of your property looks as impressive as the inside. Here is a guide to the services we offer routinely, but please contact us if you want a job done which is not detailed here.

Lawn Mowing: A well kept lawn can transform the look of your garden. We can provide a regular mowing service to keep your lawn under control.

Border Care: Seasonal pruning, weeding and plant care. We can also plant flowers and shrubs as required.

Mulching: Mulching helps keep weeds at bay and provides a neat look to your borders, as well as providing nutrients, organic matter to improve soil structure, and maintaining soil moisture during the summer.

Hedge Cutting and Maintenance: Seasonal pruning keeps your hedges neat and under control.

Rubbish Removal: We can remove all garden waste and also offer a general rubbish removal and clearance service.

Patio and Path Cleaning: Pressure washing can remove dirt, moss and algae to bring back the new look to your paths and patios

Holiday Services: Whilst you are away on holiday you can relax knowing that your garden is still being maintained. Holiday cover can include watering pots, containers and greenhouses. We can also keep your lawn mown, making things easier on your return, while at the same time giving that “still in residence” look to your property.

We cover the geographical area around the ‘Gatwick Diamond’ which stretches from Redhill in Surrey to Burgess Hill in Sussex and from Horsham over to East Grinstead. If you live in this area and need our services, please contact us for a free estimate.